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Monday, January 10, 2011

Off topic rant

OK, I know this is a fitness blog but this is just me venting.
So the other day I get a call saying that the mail for TPS is being held at the post office and if I don't come and get it they will send it back.
So, I get in the Mighty Dodge and go to the Everett Post office. I knew it was a Post Office because it had a great big sign out front that said Post Office and when I went inside there were a whole bunch of people wearing United States Postal Se vice uniforms working there.
After waiting in line for at least 15 minutes, I got to the counter and said something like this to the person there wearing a US postal service uniform (in the building with the Post Office sign on it): Hi, I got a phone call saying that my mail was here and if I don't pick it up they will send it back.
It's funny , because I filled out a change of address form on line and we have been getting mail.
At this point I am interrupted by the nice person at the counter and she says "I don't know why you are coming here, this isn't a Post Office.
I calmly explain about the great big sign out front that says Post Office to no avail. She then says the Post Office is in Chelsea. This makes perfect sense because Chelsea is a different city and this post office is around 50 yards from the old TPS. Of course this isn't a Post Office and I'm in the wrong city. I am clearly stupid.
I get  back in the Mighty Dodge and drive to the Chelsea Post office. Once inside I explain what is going on. They tell me they got my change of address, and I am getting my mail. I knew that I was getting my mail because I go to the mailbox and pick it up every day.
They then go on a magical mystery tour, come back 10 minutes later and tell me there is no mail for me, it was delivered.
I am now seething.
I leave and go to TPS. Guess what, the mail is there.

I have no idea what the moral of this story is. I just wanted to vent.