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Friday, April 8, 2011

Menino is at it again

Mayor Menino is at it again with his nanny state tactics. So often our government gets health and fitness wrong. This time they are really going at the obesity problem with their heads up their asses.

Obesity is a huge problem, no pun intended but the City of Boston is all wrong here, they are now banning soda, sports drinks and all sweetened beverages form sale or use in city buildings and events. 

The idea is that if the government doesn't let you buy sweetened drinks you will lose weight. Right, it's the governments job to limit what you can purchase in a free market economy. It's their job to protect you from yourself.

Here is a clue, obesity is not just from sweetened drinks, it's from poor nutrition in general. inactivity and as some research is suggesting, poverty.

What if the government spent more money on adding gym classes back into schools, restoring sports programs, initiating programs to encourage people to get off their asses and exercise?

Ridiculous ideas. Let's just ban what products people can buy.

I am not advocating that you should drink soda by the way. I am suggesting that someone in Boston should get a clue.
Why aren't they banning diet drinks too? There is emerging research suggesting that artificial sweeteners are incredibly bad for you.
Hell, let's just ban everything and let the government supply all of our food like they do to the schools. Oh wait, they found out that was a problem too.