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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wed. Training

Here is what
I did in the land of torn biceps yesterday.
Prowler Push 40 yards

The Prowler push was done to accentuate a hard leg drive with each stride. It was not a sprint as most people do.
Did this for 4 sets and I wanted to throw up.
Back Raises-4 sets
EFS Rickshaw shrugs  I did these using 3 grips. The Rickshaw has 3 handles, a 3 inch, a 2 inch and a standard barbell sized one.

I did 4 sets
GHR situps

I also helped Jane out with her bench shirt. Congratulations to her on her new grandson AND making it to the gym on 2 hours sleep!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Friday's Training

I wanted to do some stuff to work my weaknesses, so here is what I did:
Overhead Squats-used a broomstick and did a bunch of sets of 5
Box Jumps-5x5 to a 24" box. I didn't push the height, I just wanted to get back in the swing of jumping. I haven't jumped in years because of my banged up knee, but it has been feeling really good lately so I went for it.

Bamboo bar bench-I used the Westside Earthquake bar.
You load plates or kettlebells on the bar with mini bands and bench press with it. The bar shakes wildly forcing you to stabilize. This hits muscle s you didn't know you had. Should have listened to Nate because my bicep is killing me today.

Prowler Push-4 sets of 200 feet.

That's it for taoday.

From the Diesel Crew

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Epic is pretty overused these days, but this post is EPIC.