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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Really, Really?

OK, so there are good Crossfits and bad Crossfits.
Crossfit Boston with Neil, is a good Crossfit.
The place in this video is a bunch of assclowns.

I applaud the Crossfitters everywhere for their work ethic and desire to be bad ass. I detest the Crosfits that do things that they are unqualified to do just to be badass.
I also hate when people post videos of their training centers with clients/athletes doing things in an unsafe and dangerous, reckless manner all while the crowd and the "trainers" are telling them how badass they are and how strong they are when they are using 50 pounds on something. Wow was that a run on sentence.
Don't know what the hell I'm talking about?
Watch this:

Hey Shitty Crossft, I am available for a seminar to teach you how to do stuff without rupturing discs and tearing labrums.
You can also call Neal at Boston Crossfit, he will show you what's up if you don't like me or my post.


Been gone for a bit, but I'm back now.

I was out sick for a day last week, and I've been swamped with stuff every day. Literally not a minute to post anything.
I actually took a day off work. That almost never happens.
Anyway, here is my log for last week and this week:
Nov. 28th:
Front Squat with harness: It's my "8" week and I hate the 8 week.
I worked up to 195 for sets of 8 raw. I wasn't feeling it today.  I felt like I was coming down with something.
After the 8's I put the belt on and took 365. It was awful. Kevin and Steve told me I looked like a pussy and should do it again like a man.
No arguing from me. Next set, 365 balls deep and up fast like a man.
On to the Concept 2-last day of 1500 meters. I did it in 6:43. This was really easy and I recovered fast. My heart rate returned to normal in about a minute.
Things are looking up.

Nov. 30th:
I really felt like I was getting the Mongolian Death Flu, so I did my floor presses, and again, it was the 8 week. I worked up to 155 for 8's. This is the first time I have tried actual pressing since I tore the bicep. 155 was easy and had no pain.

I moved on to DB Overhead presses, and did 30's for 10. I used the Fatgripz to keep the bicep happy.
Tate presses next for tri's. I jumped up to a massive 35 pound dumbell. These are working pretty good. I am not really feeling any pain. I did a bunch of sets of 5.
Pulldowns were last. I kept it light, 140 for sets of 10. Pulldown abs and I called it a day. No rowing today.

Dec. 5th:
I took a few days off because I really had Mongolian Death Flu.
I did a lot of stretching and rolling, then 1750 meters on the Concept 2 in about 7:30.
This was a breeze.
I did some grip too.
Telegraph key, grippers and strap holds.

Dec. 7th:

A day that will live in infamy.
Why doesn't anyone talk about Dec. 7th anymore? It is truly a day that we should never forget.
If you don't know why, SHAME on you.
Learn the history of your own country.
Anyway, training:
It is my 5 week.
Floor press, up to 185 for 5 with NO PAIN.
Bandbell Bar bench: 16 kg's x 5 for a bunch. This was very wobbly but didn't hurt the bicep and I think it actually did some good.
Jane used the same weight as me for more reps. I'm such a pussy.
DB Overhead presses- 35's for 10 for 3 sets
Tate PResses -big jump to the massive 35's today.
All in all, things are getting better.