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Friday, October 7, 2011

As promised, training update.

OK, so here's the rundown on training this week:
Dr. Tiplady has informed me that since the bicep tear I can only do pushups  as my pressing movement. He's right because I tried to do other stuff and it caused horrible pain.
It seems that the past year or two, every time I start to get strong again something tears or breaks. Is it a programming issue or an "I'm old, beat up and probably shouldn't be doing this anymore issue:"

I don't know. I'm not going to stop doing this though.
Monday: Dynamic Lower Body Day
Safety Bar Box squats-

this was supposed to be 10x2 with 4 chains and  390 in bar weight. I could not get past my warmups and did 185 in bar weight for 10x 2. This caused pretty bad pain in the bicep so I didn't risk going any heavier.

Front Squats with Harness-225x1x8
Front Squat Harness

Back Raises with weight-a whole bunch
GHR Situps

  Wednesday-Max Effort Upper
 Pushups-10 reps x 8 sets
Left arm only Dumbell bench press 5 sets

Scap Depressions-whole stack a bunch of sets
Face Pulls/Push Downs/Tricep extensions-see above

Friday-Decided to drop Westside until the bicep is healed.
Power Runner -up to 8 plates for 10

Back Raises with weight-4 sets

Whole bunch of TRX stuff for abs like this

On a side note: Steve D hit a huge PR on the bench today-545.

I'll continue doing a modified workout trying to find stuff that can get me strong without involving my bicep.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Training and goals

OK, so around 7 months ago I decided to make a run at competing again.
I decided to give myself 1 year to really get strong.
I set some attainable goals, 1000 pound squat, 600 bench and a 650 deadlift. All I really care about is the squat. The other 2 are just fluff once I hit that.
It seems that the older I get the more injury prone I become. Training was going good all things considered (knee problems, shoulder problems.....) until about 3 months ago when I destroyed my right bicep in the shirt.
I've been having Nate work on it and it has been healing well, although my bench has suffered.  Once it started to feel good, what does a genius do? He lifts stones of course. I then quickly tore my other bicep.
So now my training has really stalled.
I'm doing all that I can to work around it and still plan on achieving my goals.
I am going to keep you posted with training updates because if I do this it will keep me honest and accountable.

Let's see what tomorrow training brings.

They get injured more too.

OK, I'm back again

I have been too busy to post things for a LONG time, but I am going to try and make an interesting post at least 4 times per week moving forward.
Up for today, Steve Pulcinella from Ironsport gym.
Steve's day sounds a lot like minem, although I think his are worse.
If you want a good laugh, read his posts on EFS.
On another amusing note, is this the WORST marketing idea that you have ever seen?