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Thursday, November 10, 2011

I love Ironsport

Steve P of Ironsport Gym is at it again.
I think TPS needs the signs he is talking about here: Training Log

$100 if you can guess who this stud is?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Upper Body Training

I did some testing of the bicep today.

Nate has given me the go ahead to do a little upper work so here is what I did:
Close Grip Incline-up to 85 pounds for 15 reps. I stopped because I felt a little burning and pain at the insertion of the bicep which may or may not be a big deal. Played it safe and shut it down.
Next was pushups-did a few sets and then on to Pulldowns. I used 110 for sets of 15. This felt pretty good.
Moved on to Face Pulls and some tricep pushdowns. I did a bunch of sets of 15 and these felt ok too.
Then on to some ab work. Nothing exciting, some braced holds and some Landmine work and then on to the Concept 2 for a cool down. I did 500 meters at a slow pace and called it a day.

Things are looking up.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Training Update

So I dropped the ball last week and didn't update my training log.

 Don't worry, it was not spectacular.

Here is today's training and the new plan.
First off, the new plan is going to be somewhat like block periodization, but not exactly.
I'll be doing a lot of volume on lifts that don't hurt my bicep and I'll be going raw for the bulk of it.
I'll add a belt and maybe gear after the raw work is done to feel some weight. This is much like what I did for years until I turned into an old man and needed the gear to keep the pain away.
Going raw will build strength obviously, it will also teach patience and force perfect technique.
At some point I'll return to Westside training, but that is when I'm fully healed.

Today's training:
Front Squat with Harness  5 sets 8 reps raw up to 185. The weight felt like a feather but my lower back was too pumped up to do any more weight for 8.

I added a belt and did 3 singles blazingly fast at 225, 275 and 315.

Next I did a combo set of the top portion (leg curl) of the Glute Ham Raise and then did the bottom portion (back raise) separately. 4 sets

Then GHR situps with a mini band 3 sets

Lots of stretching.