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Saturday, January 14, 2012


Hitler is not funny, he sucked. He was one of the worst people in history, but this is FUNNY!

I know, I know.

January is the busiest month in the gym business and it is pretty busy here at TPS.
I have been lax in keeping up with my posting, so here goes.

I have taken the Concept 2 out of my training entirely after I hit the 200 meter mark due to the fact that it was causing me some serious pain in the ass.By as, I mean the Glute medius.
I thought it was just form all the deep squatting that I have been doing, but it was the rower.
Last weeks training went lke this:
Monday-High Bar squat-raw
I worked up to 365 and shut it down due to the pain in the ass and then did a TON of lower body assistance and flexibility after.
Wednesday-Bench PRess.
I am changing my setup from a tucked in, heels up bencher to more of a feet flat out in front of me type. This is helpiong me to keep my butt down when pressing.
I did a bunch of triples at 225. I am also working the DiZenzo style of spreading the floor like a squat while I bench. This is new and alien to me. I usually bench more of a Milita style with the toes driving through the shoes.
I did the Safety Bar JM PRess after for tri's. and then a lot of assistance work for back.
Friday-I Front Squatted with the South Medford Lowland Gorilla. I worked up to FAST triples with 275 as per my plan.

The South Medford Lowland Gorilla in it's natural habitat.

I then did Incline Benches for triple to feel out the bicep. It felt pretty good!
Rows and shrugs next followed by Rope Curls and Face pulls and ab wheel rollouts.

I have been getting treated by Nate and Jen.
Nate does ART/Graston and Jen does massage.
They have both asked me the question: How are you walking never mind squatting?
My lower body is a mess.
My TFL, Glute Meduis and IT bands in both sides are pretty messed up.
On a side note, after my massage with Jen on Friday, I was able to get pretty deep in the hole in the squats.
I know you have heard this before, but I WILL make an effort to post more regularly.

Gotta go, we have the Women's Basic Training Seminar and Strongman Saturday and the Haycraft Muay Thai seminar all about to start at TPS right NOW.