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Friday, June 1, 2012

Quick update

I've been backloading for 7 weeks, down 24 pounds of fat and up an almost equal amount of muscle.
This shit works>
Carb Back Loading here


Kiefer is comng to TPS for a seminar.

Thursday, May 31, 2012


It's a word that some people take for granted. It's a word some people throw around. It's a word some people live their life by.
 Which one are you?
Do you live up to your word?
Do you steal a former friends work, put your name on it and say that you created it and then pass it off as yours, even after you have been found out to be a fraud? Do you tarnish and burn relationships that took years to develop?
Do you give your word and stand by it, even if it is not the best decision?
Are you there for your friends through thick and thin?

I have lived my life being loyal to a fault sometimes. I place a lot of value in the relationships that I forge with people. This goes for my personal life and business life.
If I make a deal with you, I live up to it. If I say I will pay you back money, I do, on time.
If I invest in you and take you in as my own, I treat you like family.
Burn me, and you are done.
Over the years I have made some very good decisions in this department.
I have also made a few really bad ones.
In the fitness industry there a  lot of people that are truly loyal. Sadly, there are some that are just maggots.
You know who you are.

Especially around here.
No, I will not name names. You know who you are and I'm sure someone will point this post out to you.
There is no lower quality to me in person than  disloyalty.
When someone takes you in, teaches you how to do things, no matter what they are, stands by you through thick and thin, even to the point when others say to cut you loose, and you don't, what do you do?
Do you try and reconcile the relationship, or do you burn it down and do things that are totally lacking integrity?
When I was young, my grandfather, who was the only father I ever knew told me all the time that you only have 2 things in this life.
Your word and your name.
When you break your word, your name is worthless.
This has stuck with me for almost 44 years.
He is long gone, but his influence as a man of honor, and a man of loyalty in peacetime, in war time, and in relationships has guided me thorough my life. I hope to impart this on my son as well. As of now, he sees this is truly important even at 7 years old.
Read this post again, I know it is a little all over the place and angry, but a few people have shown me their true colors .

If this post helps you to re think your attitude and change for the better, that is the point.
If you don't understand why I am writing it, maybe you are the person I am writing about (figuratively).
The actual people I am writing about KNOW who they are if they read this.
The name of this site is Weakness Is a Crime.
The people I am writing about are criminals.