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Monday, February 14, 2011

Registration fees

Am  I the only one it bothers when gyms run ads saying "only $20.oo to get started" ?
They should say " give us extra money for nothing" instead.
When gyms issue a "registration" fee and advertise that it is on sale it is very deceptive in my opinion. Why don't they just not charge the fee? You don't get any value for it. You just get charged money.
As a gym owner I realize this is an extra profit center for them, but, as a gym owner I realize that I need to give my customers value for money spent.
I think more people would be happier customers if they actually got something for their money.

Look at the big name gyms and their advertising. I'd love to say the name of who I am talking about I'm but I'd get sued if i did.

 Here is a hint: I'm talking about the big chain ****on Sports Club. They spend tons of $$$ on deceptive advertising and people fall for it. "Oh, it's only $20.00 to get started" they think. Why don't people think, "what am I getting for my registration fee"?
I don't know, I just see this in the paper every day while I'm eating my 20 eggs and toast and I get pissed.

OK, I'll get off my soapbox.