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Monday, January 2, 2012

A few things and some training stuff too,

OK, so I read the Herald everyday and sometimes I get astonished at the people the media uses as "experts".
For example, they had a "Beginner" workout in today's paper by the owner of a boutique fitness spa in the Boston area.
I will not say the name because people like to sue.
This "trainer" has a tv show, and I watched a few episodes, but had to stop because I almost threw up.
On the 1st episode I watched, they had a beauty pageant for their clients, pretty cool. The clients all trained really hard and they had a contest to see who won. The crowd outside was the judge.
At the last minute, they put one of their "trainers" in the evernt that was also a fitness model type.
Guess who won? A client, or the staff?
You guessed it, the staff member.
This is like me having a bench press contest with a bunch of new clients and then putting Steve in it at the last second. (Steve benches around 600 in a shirt).
Not a very good message to the clients.
On the 2nd episode I watched, one of her trainers that she bragged about as being the "best" walked out of a basic personal training certifiaction tst because it was too hard and she couldn't pass it. REALLY?

I would have FIRED her on the spot.
You can't pass a basic fucking exam, a test that means that you have met a MINIMUM lever of competency?
How are these peoiple still in business? Do their clients watch the show?

Anyway, the same expert trainer had an article in the
Herald today for beginners. It was full of ridiculously complex exercises with very little descriptions on how to do them and they were all for 3 sets of 20 reps.
As trainers we all should know that even a very experienced lifter's form breaks down with higher reps.
Beginners should be limited to lower reps and more sets to ingrain proper form and technique with exercises that they can handle.
Of course there is more than 1 way to skin a cat, but giving beginner 3 sets of 20 reps for 5, 6 or 7 exercises is  irresponsible and can be dangerous..

Hey Boston Herald, if you want a real expert, call me, I'll have you talk to one of my new guys. They are BETTER than their experts.
I love the Herald by the way..

OK on to training, I am beginning my meet prep cycle and adding weight to all the lifts.
My back is a little jacked up still from last week, but I took 515 on the Safety Bar for an easy single today in the squat.
I then did  a bunch of step ups, back raise, Hatfield back raises  (watch this video)
and abs and grip.
Benching Wednesday.
I'll keep you posted..