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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wasting time

Since TPS moved to a huge space we are now seeing things that we never saw before in our happy little training paradise.
I never thought that I would spend so much time telling people to get off their phones that texting was not allowed in here. It is a gym. You are here to workout. Why are you texting?
Are you really that important that you can't be out of touch for an hour?

I am also horrified on a nightly basis at some of the foolishness I see. We are trying to weed out the undesirable members that don't adhere to what we preach. I'll never understand how a guy who weighs 130 pounds and is 6'5"  and trains with a 5'6" fat guy will spend 45 minutes on a cable crossover and flex in between each set. Dude, you have nothing to flex. The first guy is 130 pounds and the other one is fat! I'm fat and you don't see me flexing.
Don't be this guy!

You would think that when they see my staff training people that are in GREAT shape they would absorb some of what we do by osmosis. You would think that when they see a girl pressing more overhead than they can that they would MAYBE take a second look at how things are done.
You would think that when they see someone who was 30% bodyfat three months ago and is now getting ripped that they would stop flexing between their 30  sets of crossovers form every angle to really hit the chest and pay attention.

Nope. More crossover and curls and flexing. Not a lot of growth or leaning out and not a lot of muscle moving when they flex.
Who knows, maybe we are wrong.
 I'll talk to Kevin and Steve and see if we should all get some tight Affliciton shirts and hats with chrome on them and give up our ridiculous notions of squats, pulls and presses.