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Friday, March 9, 2012


So today I started benching again for the first real workout since I tore the bicep.
The plan was to see where I am at before I start eh SST squat cycle.
I did a ton of warmup work and then put on my Inzer Phenom shirt.
Nothing crazy. Some board work and then I tried to touch some weight.
This didn't work out so good because I am not strong enough for the shirt now, but will be in a few weeks.
I then had to start to break in on my new Metal Jack Bench Shirt .

All I can say about this shirt is HOLY SHIT!

It is like wearing armor and I need to get an assload stronger.

A huge thanks to Matt G and Dave Tate of for hooking me up with it.

I will try and make them proud with it.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bad strength training equipment and poisonous food.

Greg and I did a beginner kettle bell seminar last night at Matrix Strength and Fitness in North Andover for my old friend Art McDermott. When I say old, I don’t just mean we have been friends for a long time, I mean he’s old too. Just Kidding, he’s not much older than me, wait that means he’s old. You might recognize his name; I re-post a lot of stuff from his newsletters.
Art is a great guy and runs a great gym. I’m happy that he trusted us to teach his staff and clients basic kettle bell use. As a matter of fact, I am urging you click this link and read this article.
It is from Art’s newsletter today. Art is a great nutritionist too and he spends a lot of time doing research online to find the latest studies and spread the word.

On another note, one of my equipment vendors sent me this link and asked me what I thought of this piece of equipment.
Don't buy this.

I am horrified at the crap that companies make. Anyone who knows anything about Olympic Weightlifting knows that the bar path is not straight up and down. It is more like an S. Why oh why do people try and reinvent the wheel in the name of safety and profit? I can give you my opinion that all of the machines on this site are a waste of time. You can get doing real cleans and snatches as well as jumps and plyo pushups and medicine ball work for thousands of dollars less that this machine.
When the vendor asked me my opinion, I told him that I would only take one if it was free and I could have it melted down to make 100 pound plates out of the steel.
That’s all for today kids.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Sleep Better

10 Tips to a better nights sleep by Art McDermott of

1. Make a list of what you need to do the next day, write it all down and keep that paper and pen near your bedside in case you think of anything else you need to do.  When you write things down your giving your brain the signal that it no longer needs to think about those tasks.
2.  Don't watch television or listen to the radio (especially the news) before retiring for the night - and certainly do not fall asleep with the TV or radio on.
3.  Read some inspirational or self-growth material for at least 30 minutes prior to bed.  Your goal is to fill your mind with inspirational thoughts before falling asleep so that the last thoughts you have before drifting off are uplifting thoughts - as opposed to the stressful thoughts that most people fall asleep thinking about.
4.  Make sure the room that you're sleeping in is as dark as possible - the body is made to sleep when it's dark out - the darker the room the more potential for a deep sleep.
5.  Make the room as silent as possible - turn off all electric devices and ask others in the house to be as quite as they can be.
6.  Don't eat for at least 3 hours before going to bed.  When there's undigested food in the stomach your body is forced to focus on digesting that food rather than being focused on repairing your body and mind - which is what sleep is all about!  The body was designed to digest food best while moving - not while laying down.
7.  Try to go to bed at approximately 10:00 pm and awake at approximately 6:00 am.  In Ayurvedic medicine it's believed that there are cycles that are the most conducive for certain activities.  Going to bed at 10:00 pm and arising at 6:00 am appears to allow the body to rest the deepest, rejuvenate the most, and gives the person the most energy throughout the day.
8.  Don't take drugs or vitamins/herbs that are supposed to help you sleep (unless required by your physician).  Most of these artificial sleeping aids do nothing more than deaden your senses - the goal of 'sleep' is to give your body the time and means to repair itself and prepare for the coming day. When you drug yourself to sleep, every system in your body is slowed down, including all those systems that are responsible for repairing you.
9.  Make sure that there's a fresh air supply in the room.  The air indoors is said to be some of the most toxic air around.  When you sleep, you're only able to breath in the air that surrounds you in your enclosed bedroom.  Try opening a window (if it's cold outside then just open the window a crack).  The fresh air that comes in while you sleep will help your body repair itself because you'll have access to cleaner, more oxygenated air.
10. During the day, do 60 minutes of mild exercise.  If you don't have time to do 60 minutes in a row, then break it up into 2 - 30 minute sessions, or 3 - 20 minute session, or 6 - 10 minute sessions --- just get a full 60 minutes in.  The best exercise when talking about general health and preparing your body for a great night's sleep is "walking".

Some musings form the 2012 Arnold Classic

For those who don't know,
I just returned form the Arnold Classic.
I went with Eric Dawson of TPS who qualified for the Amateur Strongman World Championships.

It was a 2 day event, and the day 1 events were the qualifiers for day 2. Day 1 events were not Eric's strong suits, except the medley.

First event was the log, Eric hit 3 reps, I forget the weight. This placed him in the middle of the pack.

Next was the medley. It consisted of yoke, sandbag and farmers. I think the weights were, as best as I can remember 850 yoke, 250 sandbag, 300 farmers. All for 50 feet. He did this in 34 seconds. Smoking. I think he placed 6th. After 2 events he was in the top 10.

3rd event was the car deadlift at about 800ish, this was not his strong suit, so I told him to be conservative and shoot for 8-9 reps and shut it down. He zeroed on this. This event was his nemesis at the Nationals as well and he worked hard to bring it up.

Final event was the Husafeld stone at around 350-400ish.
Eric set the pace on this and went 179 feet which stood for a while, but was eventually beaten. We had hoped that 2 top 10 finishes would get him to day 2, where the events were his strong suits.

Sadly, Eric did not qualify for day 2, but did do very well, placing 19th or 20th out of the best 56 international amateurs in the world.

There was a ton of talent here. No slouches and the event was very well run.
I am proud of Eric and look forward to him winning next year. It is not an unrealistic expectation.

Stay tuned to my YouTube channel for a video of him, and things that suck at the Arnold.

I got a chance to go to the compound and visit as well as getting a new Metal Jack Bench Shirt.

I also went tot he Lexen meet and saw some great lifting and hung around with Dave and Matt for a while.
Seeing Jeremy Frey and Brian Carroll lift was AMAZING.

If you get a chance to go to a meet where they are lifting, GO.

The Lexen meet was also very well run and might have been one of the best I have been to. They had a
on of great lifters.

At the Arnold, they had a ton of douchebags. Seriously, this was without a doubt, the biggest douchefest I have ever seen, they also had some of the most ridiculous fitness gear EVER.
They had a ball bike:

The best part about the ball bike is when I had 6'7" 370 pound Eric get on it and had the guy put him through it's paces all while the guy was asking Eric if he felt the burn. He didn't.

The crowd was full of nitwits standing in 25 minute lines for a free sample of anything, most of which did nothing. Everyone wants a magic supplement. 
This is a sample of the crowd.

On an good note, I got to speak with Eddie Coan, the greatest powerlifter EVER, Jesse Burdick,  and saw Jedd Johnson compete at the Mighty Mitts event, and got to hang out with my boy Sean Hyson of Men's Fitness.

I'm working on a video now.