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Friday, November 25, 2011

Yet another training update

Here is what I did the last 2 workouts:
Wed. Nov. 23rd:

Close Grip Incline-I've been working this the past 2 weeks to get some tricep work in and put less stress on the bicep insertion (versus the flat bench press).
I worked up to 115 for 8 and shut it down. I felt a little twingy at the insertion of the torn bicep so I played it safe.
I did some pressing with the 10" log after that-3 sets of 12. This felt pretty good and gave men no issues in the bicep.
Tate Presses with FatGripz were next for about 100 sets of 8 with the 30's.
On to Pulldowns, I worked up to 190 for sets of 5. This was a little hard on the bicep so I stopped there.
Abs and the new Reverse Hyper were next.
Yep, she looks better than me doing it.

No concept 2 today as my back is destroyed. from pulling and rowing. Adding the rowing in was actually a LOT of volume quickly.

Friday Nov. 26th:
Still on the modified block training.
I dead lifted first.  Worked up to 3 sets of 3 with 335 and no belt. All done hook grip on the first rep and double overhand for the rest.
I added a belt and went to 405, then 435. As I pulled 435 off the floor my right bicep felt quirky, so I put it down. This was a huge mental pr. I have a bad habit of rehabbing an injury just enough to do something STUPID as soon as it feels a little better. Not today kids, I played it smart.
Reverse Hyper next for a few sets of 12 with 90 pounds.
On to the Concept 2. I did 1250 meters in 5:26. This was almost a full minute off Monday's time.

On to a great Thanksgiving highlight. As usual, George Bova of Bova's bakery in the North End gave me a Ricotta Pie. I am proud to say that I ate a half of it in one sitting AFTER the giant plate of turkey and mashed potatoes and stuffing. Another PR.

Monday, November 21, 2011

2 days of training

Here is what I did the last 2 workouts:
Friday Nov. 19th, 2011:
Still o nthe raw work-
Deadlifts-5 sets of 5 with no belt up to 275, then I added the belt-
up to 425 for an easy single. This does not sound like much, but remember, the right bicep was torn 2 months ago. All sets of 5 done with hook grip on rep 1 and double overhand for the remaining reps.
I have had trouble witht the entire right side of my body for years. I tore my piraformis a few years back doing something stupid and it hasn't been right since. I attribute the issues to 1: the injury and 2: pulling with a mixed grip for 25 years.
I will do pulling double overhand until meet time from now on.
Keystone deadlifts were next for 3 sets of 6 at 315.
McGill situps after that for a bunch of sets.
Then on to the Concept 2!
I did 1000 meters in 4:44. Huge difference form the last sessions.

Nov. 21, 2011
Front Squats with harness-raw-up to 275 for 5, than I added the belt and worked to 345 for 1. This was easy but I shut it down as my back was WRECKED from Friday.
I was Wendleresque today and was not feeling it, so I did my main lift and called it a day.
I moved on the the Concept 2 and did 1250 meters in 6:06. I was very happy here and did not die or pass out after. I was even able to stand up and not roll off the rower after.
Concept 2 domination is coming.