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Monday, April 2, 2012

Meet results

We had a bunch of people lift at the New England Revolution Powerlifting meet in RI Saturday.
I haven't gotten all the results in yet, and was not able to attend, but Kevin told me today about his lifter, Lodrina Cherne.
Here she is just palling a truck for fun.

Here she is just pulling a truck for fun!
She lifted raw in the 114 class. She ended up with :
Sq: 185
Sq3: 205
BP3: 120
DL3: 270 and then a 4th attempt
DL4:282.5 World Record
Total: 607.5 WR
I know this is a new federation and WR's are wide open, but this is GREAT lifting for a raw 114 female
. Congratulations to Lodrina (lifting) and Kevin (prep and coaching) for doing an awesome job . We had a BUNCH of other lifters and I will get results today.