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Friday, June 17, 2011

Steve Pulcinella is the man.

Read this post by Steve of Ironsport. It's awesome.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Repost from the TPS site

Tips for eating out

I do a ton of nutrition plans for our clients here at TPS and also answer questions all the time for members about healthy nutrition. One of the most common questions I get is "What do I do at a restaurant so I don't blow my diet?" or "I travel a lot for business, how can I eat healthy on the road?" or some other version of the same basic question.

At first this used to frustrate me, because in my younger days I failed to remember that these people don't have the passion that I do for performance nutrition, and some of them don't even grasp basic nutrition. As you get older, you get wiser or so they say. Now I don't get annoyed, instead, I try to educate during my consultations.

You can follow a healthy meal plan if you are on the road or just short for time. It just takes a little thought. You should have a rudimentary understanding of portion sizes and macronutrients. Macronutrients are protein, carbohydrates, and fat. If you don't understand what these are, read the Nutrition Corner page of the website--there is an article dedicated to each. Portion sizes in this country are way too big at restaurants. In the nutrition consultations, we specify portion sizes for each client based on their goals. For those of you that haven't done a consultation, think about your plate like one of those Styrofoam 3-section plates. Fill the big section up with vegetables or salad, fill the second biggest one with protein, and the smallest one with carbohydrate. Don't add fat; it will find its way in there on its own. This is a very basic geusstimate of how much you should eat, but it will work in a pinch.

On to some tips for eating healthy. Let's say that you are a mom or dad who is running around to do the grocery shopping, pick up the kids at school and then get them to their after-school activity and you did not have time to prepare a meal or a shake to bring with you. Don't skip a meal! You can go to a drive-through in an emergency. It is not the best choice but it's better than slowing your metabolism down by skipping a meal. Choose something like a grilled chicken sandwich with extra vegetables. Skip the add-ons like the special sauce and cheese. If they offer a baked potato and you are allowed carbohydrate at this meal, get one and don't eat the bread on the sandwich. The baked potato is much better for you than the high-fructose corn syrup-laden bread. You can also run into any convenience store and grab a plain Greek yogurt or low-fat cottage cheese and a piece of fruit. Even Dunkin’ offers an egg white sandwich, although this is a last resort. Their food is processed beyond belief. It's better for you than a double bacon burger, though.

What about the business traveler who is living in a hotel or flying? When I travel, I try to eat a healthy meal before I go and if I'm hungry at the airport, I'll grab a turkey or a chicken sandwich. Follow the same guidelines as above for the bread and sauces. The TSA will allow you to bring food on a plane. You can pack a few healthy snacks to take with you and nosh on the plane if you need to. Once I get my rental car, the first thing I do is check into the hotel and then find a supermarket. I usually grab a protein source like beef jerky and cottage cheese, some fresh fruit and lots of water. Almost every hotel has a fridge in the room, so there is really no excuse here. It only takes a few minutes to grab some food and get on with your trip.

When dining out at a restaurant, most places are happy to meet certain special requests for their customers. Ask them to grill your food without added sauces, just get the spices and hold the salt. They usually always offer vegetables and a potato or a salad. If the place you are eating at does not offer real food, as most chains do, get a salad instead of the carbs.

The same rules apply to breakfast at hotels and restaurants. Most hotels that offer breakfast have some sort of oatmeal or cereal. Make the best choice that you can--get some oatmeal and if there is no other protein source, eat the powdered eggs. If you go to a greasy spoon for breakfast, ask them to make you an egg white omelet with lots of vegetables and hold the grill butter or spray. You can always find fresh fruit and whole grain breads at a greasy spoon. Small, locally owned places are much more willing and able to accommodate special requests than big chains.

There you have it, a few easy to follow tips that will keep you healthy on the road and on track to fitness success.

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Eeeww, a big dirty tire?

So one of the guys forwards this link to me the other day and says we need to get one of these at TPS.
I go to the site and think I might need to let this guy go, was I right ot hire him in the first place?
Turns out he was kidding. He thinks this should come with a month supply of Vagisil.
I've written about the pussification of the country before, but now Strongman is getting pussified?
Really? Really?

Watch the video. It's horrifying. What the hell is that spotter guy doing? When we teach the tire flip, we always teach TWO spotters. One spotter? Really?

Is there really a need for this. YES! The spandex clad trainer at Equniox can have his trophy wife clients get hardcore with it.

Get me a bucket, I think I'm going to throw up.