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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Have you mised us?

It's been a while since I have posted anything. It's been very busy at TPS. Sounds like an excuse but it isn't.
Anyway, I wanted to give an update on Jane "Bad Apple" Stabile.
Jane and I just got back from the APF Master's Nationals where Jane had a great weekend.
She has been training very hard latley and made some great gains.
It started off with the squat. The plan was to open at 355 and then hit 375 and then shoot for the moon. On her first attempt she absolutely crushed 355 but cut it a little high and got 2 reds for depth.
She took it as a 2nd and smashed it like it was 135. We then decided to go for 375 to avoid making too big of a jump and only getting 1 squat.
Jane crushed 375 like it was child's play, but cut it a little high and got reds on depth again. No big deal, 355 is a great squat.
On to the bench.
She got 192 which was a PR at a meet (but not in the gym), and missed 203 at lockout on her 3rd.
She finished the dedlift with an amazing 385, but barely missed 4-0something. I don't recall if it was 403 or 405).
I'm very proud of her for giving 100% at this meet. She did great.

Waht the hell is up with Texas and the driving?
I thought Massholes were the most ignorant drivers in the world, but Texas is far worse.
It's unreal because face to face I have never experienced nicer people. Put them in a car and all bets are off. No turn signals, cutting over 5 lanes with out warning at 135 miles an hour.
It's a mess down there.  

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