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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Free video

I just got a note from my buddy, Jedd Johnson.  He just got back from a clinic with  over 250 strength coaches and athletic trainers.

At the seminar, Jedd spoke with a bunch of the attendees and many of them are using Strongman Training these days because of the benefits this type of training has for athletes in the way of muscle building, strength increase, and power development. TPS is one of, if not the pioneer in training athletes using Strongman.  ( NOTE: Many years ago , TPS predicted this would become the industry standard for building bulletproof athletes. It seems that it is now coming true. If you are going to learn how to do it, get the information from someone who knows how.)

And it’s not just big football players that are using Strongman equipment at the University level...

The truth is athletes from all sports are using them to become bigger, stronger and more powerful.  Volleyball players, Baseball players and even Swimmers are doing Strongman Training and Odd Object lifting and getting better at their sports because of it.
Going back a way with this pic of Bob Jodoin and Phil Rago at the original TPS on Broadway.

Why are players from all of these diverse sports doing this, you ask?

Because Strongman Training is loaded with benefits. 

In fact, if you check out this video from Jedd, he’s going to tell you about the benefits of Strongman training.


Don't wait if you want to get better,


P.S.  This video will only be available for a few days.  Don’t miss out.  If you want to do something different with your training and are sick of the hype from all the  programs that are just the same old boring recycled stuff,
check out what Jedd has to say right here = > Free Video on the Benefits ofStrongman Training

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