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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Transformation update

I'm one month into my Carbohydrate Back Loading diet plan

 So far I have dropped a total of 7% body fat, gained 20 pounds of lean body mass and lost 20 pounds of fat.
It is so simple to follow this that I am disgusted with myself for not coming up with the plan.
In all fairness, Kiefer did a ton of research and has assembled a plan that is backed by science and works.
This plan is not for everyone, but for those who it is appropriate for, it is the Holy Grail, as Sean Hyson called it in Muscle and Fitness.
.Maybe I'll shoot some pictures when I reach my goal.
I think it is reasonable for me to shoot for about 12-13% body fat in around 4 more months.
That is a very low number for me.
The funniest thing about this plan is that I am getting STRONGER every day.
Of course, this is partially due to training too.
Jane and I just finished a 6 week squat wave that was very brutal, but worked well.
I'm pretty psyched about the progress that I have made and look forward to applying it to my nutrition clients once  fully understand all the ins and outs of it. 

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