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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Really? No, you look like a fool.

I have been busier than a 1 armed paper hanger lately and it has not left me with any time for internet gold here on Weakness. What I saw last night made me sit down here today.

 I was watching the news and I saw a puff piece on a guy with the "World's Biggest Arms." 

This is him.
I was sickened. Why? He's not hurting anyone right? I don't know why, I just hate assholes.
They had video of this guy training and it was totally awesome. Kevin and Steve could have watched him
for hours.

 When he flexed his arms, nothing moved. Why? Because they are loaded up with Synthol or whatever the assholes are injecting these days to inflate their muscles.

Synthol is an injectable oil that is really not good for you that does absolutely nothing except occupy space and make things larger. There is no strength benefit from it, just the appearance of size and strength to the uninitiated.

A few years back an asshole named Greg Valentino injected synthol a lot and his arms exploded. Seriously. They exploded.


 What the hell is wrong with these people?

One of the things that bothers me about this kid is that he says he is 100% natural and his arms are real when they clearly are not. Actual muscle flexes. If you want to be a sideshow act and look like a freak that is fine. This is America where you are free to do so, but don't lie.

 He's got saggy Granmamama arms
 Real muscle does not look like this.

I don't really have much to say  other than stupid people should not breed. I hope they never have kids.


  1. I fucking love you CJ!

  2. Sample training routine. Monday: Biceps, Tue: Triceps, Wed: Biceps and Triceps. Ha.

    Yea, I was just reading the news article earlier today. I don't know how he even got that far to almost being in the Guinness World Records. It is clearly injected. How does he claim natural and explain his forearms magically not being proportional?


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