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Thursday, March 14, 2013

A true sign of the apocalypse

There are two new true signs of the apocalypse:

1. TPS has a Twitter account. 

I hate Twitter but it is 2013 and I realize the importance of social media for a business.  I am going to begin using Twitter to connect with our members and only, oh god I hate saying this, Tweet stuff that you will like. It is like this blog. I don’t post much because I don’t have a lot of free time and I only want to post valuable information.

2. More importantly, I cannot believe the bullshit I read in the bible, I mean Boston Herald today.  
Apparently there are “gym wars” going on in Boston in the Chestnut Hill area.
It seems that the health clubs and fitness centers (NO THEY ARE NOT GYMS) are doing everything that they can to get members. Well, they aren’t doing everything, just providing foolish amenities for members. 

Here is a list of some of the bullshit they are providing (I am not making this up):

-cold eucalyptus towels

-water bubblers infused with lemon slices and cucumber

-a floating fireplace and “experimental lounge” (whatever the hell that is)

-free use of computers so people can stay connected 

And a bunch more crap.

TPS provides none of that.  Never will.

We try and provide our members with the best staff and the best equipment and training environment. I guess I am missing something.

I always thought the gym was a place that you went to TRAIN and sweat to get RESULTS. 

"All I wanna do is lift eights and be happy" Dave Draper the Blond Bomber

Whatever happened to going to the gym, getting in a rack with a GOOD bar and squatting until your face fell off?


  1. Look at anything of quality, Snap-On Tools or Gerber Knives and you'll find that they don't make any false promises or try to blow smoke up anyone's asses. They build a quality product that they stand behind and it's allowed them to stay in business and be successful for a long time.

    Gyms are no different, except they are offering a service rather than a physical product. Total Performance Sports has earned a reputation as being the Best in Boston and one of the Best in the US. That didn't happen by chance. It happened because they've got a solid service (staff & facility).

  2. Louis Simmons invented the conjugate method in an experimental lounge while wrapped in a eucalyptus towel and sipping on lemon infused tap water from the bubblah.

  3. Glad you spelled bubblah properly.


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