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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Theft is the best form of flattery

I've had my shit stolen over the years a lot.

Intellectual property: books I've written, seminars I've written which included other's intellectual property which I got written permission to use (and credited to THEM) and more.

I don't steal anyone else's shit. If I use your shit, I say "I stole that from Dave Tate or whoever it was that I was fortunate enough to learn from.

I have a "competitor" or not really, but an Assclown that routinely steals my shit and says it's his.

It is not such a big deal because he is not that good at what he does and I have my own client base which is  about 1600 higher than his.

I manage nutrition for over 75 clients and all with GREAT results form a Certified Nutritionist (not a poser).

I don't say that I have been featured in major magazines when I haven't. By the way, I have. The most recent one is the May 2013 issue of Muscle and Fitness.

I don't give personal training away for $30.00 a session. My Team does not either. By the way, my Team is World Class and I'll stack my least experienced guy against his best. 

So what's the point of this?

When his nonsense is brought to my attention, and it frequently is, I usually shrug and say "whatever". Really, I have more important things to do.

I just saw the site of the thief, and I mean thief who has ZERO INTEGRITY and they are now doing Butts and Gutts and Strongman Saturday.

OK, many gyms across the country have a Butts and Gutts class, but you couldn't even think of your own name, you used the one we have been using for YEARS?

Strongman Saturday? Who is coaching it? Where did you hear that name? I wonder.

Oh, the nutrition seminar you are teaching? Is that the same one you STOLE from me and put your name as the author on the book?

C'mon, if you can't come up with your own shit, at least give it a different name than mine when you steal it.

You are a giant, unoriginal flaming bag of poop.

No, I won't say who it is. You can guess if you know me.

Yeah, I know I sound a little like "look at me" but that is not the intent.

I just hate douchebags.

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