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Thursday, October 24, 2013

More Crossfit Assholes


I know I am kicking this like a dead horse but what the fuck is going on at Crossfits?

For example, what in the FUCK is this? Besides unsafe, it's CREEPY.

and this?

Maybe they are just not happy that the kids are healthy and want to see them get hurt? Maybe  they are just assholes.

Want more stupidity?

Try this one out-$50 to the first person who can tell me what in the hell the purpose of doing assisted pullups with weight is, and why would you pay $200 a month to do them.

Wait, there's more:
 The King of All Assholes-is he really doing this with a kid strapped to his chest?

A weight vest is a better idea and a lot less hazardous to an infant.

Attention Crossfit people-if you perform stupid antics like this, you are the ones giving the GOOD Crossfits out there a BAD name.

Stop immediately.

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