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Friday, January 24, 2014

WTF? Really, again!!!! Super stupidity at play here.

I got this picture sent to me by a spy. 

I am NOT going to say where it was taken as that isn't cool to just name names. let's just say they are a "competitor" to my business and allegedly the innovators in the style of training they do.

Sadly, that isn't true. MY business IS an innovator and was mocked mercilessly for a while over 15 years ago when we introduced strongman, pl and many other aspects into training "average" clients and athletes. Now EVERYONE is doing it and saying they are the first and/or the best at it.

But I digress. I have seen their videos and they are just unsafe on a lot of stuff and put out a lot of  dubious form in their videos.

The exercise shown above is a box jump. GREAT EXERCISE and this kid in it is getting some great height. Congratulations to whoever he is. Good job young man.

Sadly his coach needs a smack for allowing him to jump onto plates. If I need to explain why this is TOTALLY unsafe to you, my readers, or to any "coach" then you are lacking something the world appears to be in short supply of these days.


By the way, it is NOT at a Crossfit box.

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