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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Just a short rant relating to intensity and being a quitter

So today I was deadlifitng with some chains and on a warmup set at 315 with 80 pounds of chain, something BAD happened. After I completed the rep I almost blacked out and felt a pain in my lower back that was UNBEARABLE.
What did I do? Quit.
Nope, I set about rolling, doing trigger point work, a bunch of Reverse Hypers, Back Attack with a band, more rolling, and a long time in band traction.  Then some ab work and lots of ice and stretching.
As I was getting changed a member came up to me and told me we need to call 911 because someone was really hurt bad in the gym.
We went out to the gym and saw a guy laying on the floor writhing in AGONY. He was being attended to by Johnnie on the Spot (Chuck).
I asked what happened , he told me that there was a BAD laceration to the guys leg.
I looked at it and saw what could only be described as a boo. It wasn't even a boo-boo.
I tried talking to the guy, but he was really hamming it up saying how bad it was. I am terrible in these situations.
Heartless when it comes to someone who has no tolerance for even the least amount of pain (and I am a baby most of the time). Sometimes you just have to man up and do another set.
I advised the guy to let us clean it and cover it and offered to call 911.
Obviously he said no. We cleaned it anyway as he whined about flushing it with saline. SALINE!

I told hm if it was me, I'd try another set, get right back on the horse (after determining he wasn't really hurt).
He was having none of it. Turns out he was a Doctor. You think he'd know it wasn't that bad.
I know that you can never guage how much pain someone else is really in, but this guy was miking it good.
He laid on the floor while his two training
partners finished their workout. It really couldn't have been that bad for all the histrionincs he was exhibiting.
What is the moral of the story?
I don't really know. Maybe it's that  I'm an idiot and should have laid on the floor and cried after my injury, which btw was diagnosed as a partial tear by the MD I was training right after I was done.
Maybe it's the fact that I should have some sympathy for people.
Maybe it's the fact that some people are just not cut out for hard training and giving 100%.
Comments anyone?


  1. you kind of sound like a pansy to me

    - your favorite wrestler

  2. Stone Cold Steve Austin?
    Ivan Putski?
    Baron Migule Sicluna from the Isle of Malta?
    The Rock?
    It's so hard to pick a favorite....


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