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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Quick Grip Strength Tip

Grip Strength is often forgotten when training, but who couldn’t use stronger hands?

Here’s an easy way to improve one aspect of your grip, and requires no special equipment, it’s called a plate pinch. One of the old-time test of strength was to put 2-45 pound plats, smooth side out, and lift them by pinching the plates between your thumb and four fingers. Not too many men can do this.

To begin, take two 5 pound or 10 pound plates, place them together, smooth side out, take the grip described above, and lift the plates with your arms straight. Hold the weights for up to 30 seconds.

Jedd Johnson of the Diesel Crew with a World Class Pich.

When you can hold them for 30 seconds, add weight, go to 3, or 4 ten pound plates stacked smooth side out, and continue working up to 30 seconds.
Doing this with a pair of 25’s is impressive, 35’s is quite an accomplishment, and pinch gripping a pair of 45’s is world class.

Watch your toes.

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