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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Some ramblings

I don't want to politicize this blog but what the hell is going on in America?
There are things afoot that are weakening us as a nation. Since when did we decide to be a nation of weeping pussies? Of course I'm referring to this crap about the parents suing the state over their kids saying the Pledge of Allegiance.
Why is it wrong to say the Pledge of Allegiance?
The parents are whining about religious intolerance of saying "One nation under God" because of the separation of church and state. They and their attorneys are talking about how it says in the Constitution that there shall be a separation of church and state. Well apparently their attorney and the judge hearing the case have never read the Constitution.

It doesn't say that in it. It says that the government can't create  a national religion
(I'm paraphrasing).
The talk of separation of church and state comes from  letter written by Thomas Jefferson. I am not a Constitutional scholar nor did I go to law school and I know this.  It's a disgrace that they don't know this.

If you are going to make an argument make a good one.
Kids not saying the Pledge of Allegiance in school is part and parcel to weakening of the nation. If you don't want to swear allegiance to the US of A, LEAVE. Don't go to court and litigate how it is unfair because you are agnostic.

I'm agnostic and I don't take offense at it, nor do I take offense at
 someone saying Merry Christmas.
As a nation, if we as citizens don't love our country (not the current politics or policies) we do not deserve to be here.  Go someplace else and try to litigate your weepings in the court system and see how that goes for you.

 I know I'm a little all over the place here, but I'm sick and tired of people suing the state/federal government, school systems, their neighbors or someone who didn't make a special accommodation the them, or smile at them in the morning. Get a life, grow up. This is the greatest country in the world. It is that way because of the true American spirit, not the pussy spirit of crybabies looking for attention.
America, swear allegiance to her, love her, or leave her.
The rest of us will be here saying "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands. One nation, indivisibvle, with liberty and justice for all."


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    A solution to most of our problems: Kill the lawyers

  2. Is this blog going to offer equal-opportunity ranting?


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