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Monday, October 10, 2011

Training update

So today I decided to work a few weaknesses. That is the core of the Westside system, work your weaknesses.
One of mine is relying on supportive gear too much and torso strength.
I NEVER train without gear. This is mainly because I am so beat up from years of doing this that the gear is what is holding me together. While I am injured I have made the decision to do as much work without briefs and a belt that I can. Here is what I did, all work done raw.
Front Squat with Harness-95x3x3, 135x3x3, 225 x1x5
Safety Bar Good Mornings-95x8, 135x8x2
Reverse Hyper-35x6x4
Situps with weight 5 sets
Lots of rolling and trigger point work.
On a high note, Steve hit 605 on the 3 board very easily. This is due to a few things:
-he listens to his training partners
-he is determined
-he is strong a shit

We have another guy who weighs about 90 pounds more than Steve who does none of those things and he squatted in full gear with less weight than Steve benched. That is ok with him.

My issue is that if he listened to his training partners instead of arguing with them, he could fix his form issues and lift MUCH more.
He has the drive and the ability to be on the big platform, but will probably never get there because he does not listen.

As Deniro said in Bronx Tale, there is nothing worse than wasted talent.

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