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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Yesterdays training

So I had Nate do some more Graston/Art on my torn bicep pre workout. Why do all the ART guys make chit chat with you while they are causing you the worst pain in the world?
Anyway, he told me to stay away from using the arm until Halloween. Awesome!
I continued with what I have been doing:
Pushups 8,8,8,8, 20
Left arm Dumbell Bench-4 sets lots of reps, I hate reps
Kettlebell Press left only-same as above
Scap Depressions-this is the top half of the pulldown. You can see it here in the beginning of the video on how to do pulldowns.

I did the stack for a bunch of reps for 4 sets.

I then tried a new one. I faced a cable stack with a SpudInc Long Ab Strap and squeezed my lats back as hard as I could. It turned out to be a ridiculous exercise. My lats were SWOLE!  I think I'll keep this even after I get better. I did 5 sets with 200 pounds for high reps.
That was all I had time for with helping Jane out with her benching. She hit 205 in the shirt. Not bad for a Granny!

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