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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Murph doing cardio?

So yesterday's training looked like this:
Close Grip Incline Bench-up to 115 for 12. This felt pretty good on the arm, but I felt some weird burning at the bicep insertion so I stopped at about 6 sets.
Next was on to dumbell overhead presses. I used the Fatgripz for this so I could hold the dumbell without squuezing them, thus activating my biceps and forearms much less.

Pulldowns were next for 5 sets of 15 with up to 120. This also felt pretty good and was an improvement in pain (less) and weight.
I moved on to shrugs and did 5 sets of 12 with 135.
Tate Presses after that also with the Fatgripz. I went up to 30's for 12 reps.
Now comes the funny part.
One of my morning clients is training for the indoor Concept 2 championships and the Head of the Charles, so we got to discussing where she placed last year and so forth. I decided to look up the record for the indoor race for my age and weight. It was around 7 minutes and change. The race is 2000 meters. I have been doing the Concept 2 for a warmup and cool down for 500 meters for about a week, so I blurted out" 7 minutes? I'll beat that today".
She looks so much better than I do on one.

I then realized that there was no way I was going 2000 meters without an iced coffee and a dip.
She called me out and said no way. I thought, how hard can this be? Skinny pukes who are not 1/2 as strong as me, even with 1 working arm, not to mention the knee issues are doing it in 7 and change, right.
I opened my mouth and now had to back it up. I figured the skinny weaklings were not pulling as hard, thus not getting as many meters per stroke, so if I just gooned through it, I'd be in the clear.
At the end of the workout I floundered onto the Concept 2 and started rowing. A few minutes goes by and I check my progress, 4 minutes in and almost 900 meters. I'm not sweating, breathing heavy or in any pain. What does Mr. Jackass do? He starts to sprint with HARD strokes to make up some distance.

At exactly 4:14 (that's 14 seconds later for the math majors) and 906 meters, I locked up tight like a drum. Legs frozen, chest heaving, felt like dying. I rolled onto the floor and just stayed there, sweating, cramping and feeling like poo.
Now, I am going to beat the time.
I have a plan to do it, and it will be good bicep rehab, and just good for me.
I will keep you posted on the progress.
I still am on the quest for the 1000 pound squat, but while the bicep has me sidetracked, I might as well have a goal. Even if it is to be better than a skinny puke.


  1. love this! I will be happy to work with you on getting you to your goal ( in terms of watching your form)!
    Not as easy as you thought!

  2. I have to admit this made he laugh.


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