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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Too busy, really?

January has come and gone. How are you doing with your fitness goals? I hope you are achieving them. If you are not, it is never too late to start over again and with more resolve.

In the gym business, we usually see a flood of people come in the gym during the first few weeks of January and never see them again. Most gyms love this because they have them signed up on a contract. TPS is different. WE want you in here. If you are a newsletter reader far away, we want you in YOUR gym. We want to see you make progress. Are you doing that?

The point of this essay is not to guilt you into going to the gym, but to motivate you and to get you to self- reflect as to why you are not doing it.

If you are not hitting the gym at least twice a week, why? Do you think you don’t have the time? Do you stay away because you don’t know what to do, or didn’t get immediate results? Are you intimidated in the gym because there are people fitter or stronger than you? Do you not FEAR the consequences of not exercising?

I’ll touch on each of these, but first, I’ll talk about the consequences of not exercising. Inactivity leads to many problems, obesity (which leads to even more problems), lack of energy, difficulty sleeping, risk of injury (especially if you have a physical job-or worse, if you don’t) and many more issues.

Dr. Fred Hatfield used to tell this story at seminars to give the attendees a good analogy to give to their clients. He would ask us all if we brushed out teeth daily (some of you may have heard this before). Everyone answered yes. He then asked them why they did this. No one gave the answer he was looking for, although they gave excellent answers.

Fred would listen to all the answers and then yell loudly, WRONG! You brush your teeth because you FEAR the consequences of not brushing your teeth. This was brilliant. No one looked at it like this. He then went into an angry oratory of not fearing the consequences a lack of exercise and he listed many of the reasons I did above.

Without laying guilt on you, this should be your primary reason to exercise. If you don’t, your life will not be as healthy. Health is our greatest gift, just ask someone who doesn’t have it.

Having the simple ability to go through life feeling good, having normal blood pressure, being able to carry in the groceries without pain, being able to play with your kids or grandchildren are all taken for granted by many. Not exercising WILL catch up to you and it will not be fun.

Let’s look at some of the other reasons. You don’t have the time. Really? I bet you have the time to surf the web, go on Facebook for an hour, or watch too much TV.

Clearly too busy to get off the couch. They are in shape though.

We all have the time; we just need to prioritize it. We have just added a bunch of FREE new 30 minute classes for those of you who “don’t have the time”. Taking 2 -30 minute classes a week is not the best fitness plan, but it is much better than doing nothing.

What about those of you that don’t know what to do? TPS offers FREE New Member Orientations designed just for you. It’s FREE. Many other gyms also offer something like this. IF you don’t train here, find out if your gym offers something like this. Also if you don’t train here, why not, you should.

What about those that didn’t get immediate results? Our society has gravitated towards one where instant gratification is of primary importance. Sorry everyone, fitness does not happen overnight. You need to work at it. Make a point to give it 2 months of consistent exercise. You will make progress. What if you don’t make the progress that you wanted? Well, you need to analyze what you are doing. Where did you get your training plan from? Did you make it up yourself? Did you see it on TV? Are you doing nothing but cardio?

If you answered yes to any of these, I highly suggest you go to the Article  page and read the 5 Things That Don’t Work for Your Fitness Plan series. It answers all of these and more.

Are you intimidated in the gym because there are others there that are stronger, in better shape or you just don’t know what to do? Well, I have news for you. The people that are in better shape are like that for a reason. They work out, consistently as part of their lifestyle. Read our reviews on Yelp  if you have not been upstairs in the weight room. They consistently say there are no attitudes here. We welcome everyone who wants to make a positive change in their fitness program, and we are helpful. Not just the staff, but the members. Don’t be afraid to try something new, at least not here at TPS.

WE are committed to your health and fitness and we know that you all have to start somewhere. Take the boxing or Muay Thai intro classes and see if it is for you. Try the Group X classes, sign up for the New Member Orientation. All of these programs are offered with the beginner in mind. We will TEACH you what to do. We want you to succeed.

Good luck, and get in here and start today!

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