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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Raw training

Let's not get too political, but good for Tim Thomas.
Together we can vote him out.

That's all I'm going to say, except, why don't more of the Bruins train here?
If I could get Seguin for a season, he would be a POWER forward. As good as he is, imagine him 30% STRONGER?
This is the place for him to be.

If you know any Bruins, tell them to call me if they want to negotiate a bigger contract next time.
Anyway, I have been so banged up that I feel like Matt Rhodes.
The bicep is healing well, but the hips are not doing good. I am out of gear for a while, and  also changing my bench set up.
This is doing 2 things:
1. making me a better bencher
2. keeping me from squatting 1000 pounds.
Nate and Jen are doing their best to get my hips healthy, and I am doing my part, keeping the gear off and squatting raw for a while.
I have been doing high bar squats with up to 315 focusing on EXPLODING after a long pause in the hole.
I'll increase the weight slightly each week. I'll also stick with the pause.
As far as benching goes, it is tough to change your stride after doing it the same way for so long.
I've been working the new technique with 225, feeling the bicep out and keeping my butt on the bench for a change.

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