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Monday, August 26, 2013

It's been a year already...

I was very sad the other day as I realized it had been a year since my dear friend and mentor, Rich Angelo passed. See this post for more on that. .

Rich was more than a friend, he was a mentor, a brother and a leader. He was someone who ALWAYS knew what to say and when/how to say it.

This Saturday I attended a retirement party, or as we called them back in the day "A TIME" for my friend Eddie Kelley.

Eddie was a very different man than Rich, but was also a huge influence on me and how I developed as a man. He was my boss for 21 years and guided me from a somewhat wild kid to the man I am now.

Eddie was my shift commander, he was a Captain at my old job and he is now retired after 31 years as a LEADER.

Eddie was different as a leader than almost all of the supervisors at my department. He was a players coach and the administration didn't like him for that. The majority of supervisors there were "yes men" and were not promoted because of their ability to lead or their competence level in their job. They ranged from very competent and qualified individuals to political hacks who didn't have a fucking clue as to how to do their job, to a self centered, most likely bi-polar maniac who made it his pleasure to toy with people because he had power. He also ran Eddie out of his job as the best shift commander the department had and took over.
Me, Mazzio and Eddie

Eddie was a man who people wanted to work for because they respected him. The other guy people worked for because they feared him and his wrath and pettiness.   I feel it is always better to have the respect of the people working for you and then they will do a good job because of that.

I believe that the people who work for me do respect me because they do a GOOD job everyday, not because they fear me, but because of pride. When Eddie was the boss, we took pride in our jobs and did not want to disappoint him.

A group of us called him Dad (not to him but when discussing him). We frequently said that "I got called to Dad's office" when we screwed up. We never wanted to go to Dad's office because that meant we let him down and that was something we did not want to do. We were not afraid of going in, rather we were upset with ourselves for not doing what was expected of us.

I have modeled my management after what I learned form Eddie in 21 years. I still have a lot to learn and will call him when I need help. It is good to have mentors and I have been lucky to have had a few OUTSTANDING ones.

Richie, I  miss you every day like someone who lost a limb. Eddie, I miss you too, but you are still here and I hope it is for a long time.

Thank you both for all that you have done for me.

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