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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Friday/Monday training update

As my training log is upstairs in my locker and I am downstairs at my desk, I have no idea what I did Friday. Suffice it to say it was not what I wanted to do.
Yesterday I did the following:
Front Squats with Harness-I am not using any supportive gear in my training so all work was done without a belt. Worked up to 225 for a whole bunch of fast triples. I am focusing on training without gear and avoding all bicep pain. As 225 was about all I could handle without pain in the torn bicep, that is what I used. It felt very light and fast. Of course it was only 225.
Pulltroughs- did a bunch of sets at 90 and 135 on the belt squat for up to 15 reps
GHR situps and cable side bends

Nate says I'm going to be good to start training normally around Halloween. I don't have a lot of faith in this. I picked up my son (70 lbs) Sunday and my right bicep felt like it was going to rip off. Maybe another week of training like a pussy will help it heal.

On another note, TeamTPS competed at the RPS meet at Boston Barbell this weekend. All did well, except Steve who had a tough day.
We did witness something completely reprehensible by an awful human being there.
Carlos Moran had a bet as to who could lift more in the RAW division with an asshole.
 For those who don't know, RAW means no supportive gear like Squat suits. Anyway, the guy he had the bet with had a squat suit on. He claims it was a singlet, but the meet director agreed it was indeed a suit and made him take it off and use a different one.
It seems that the suit in question may have actually been a called a singlet by the manufacturer.  It was banned by several federations according to my sources because it was really a single ply suit and the manufacturer knew it. So did this guy.
My point here is that I have no tolerance for anyone who has no honor.  I firmly believe that this guy knew exactly what he was doing and would do anything to win a bet.  Why not train hard and then compete on a level playing field and let the best athlete win?
Nope, it is easier for some people to be scumbags and lie and cheat to "prove" they are better than you.
This guys dick must be 2 inches long.

On a side note, Gene ran another great meet, as usual.

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